LEAN Production Optimization Program for Professionals (L: ENG)

500.00  excl. VAT

Duration: 2 days;

Delivery dates: TBA;

Instructor: TBA;

Certificate: Yes, upon completion;

Location:  TBA / Best Western Expo Hotel; 149 Tsarigradsko Shousse Blvd Sofia, 1784.




This course is offered in partnership with Symix Bulgaria, an APICS Authorized Educational Provider

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This 2 days class is part of one of the best curriculum worldwide for professional training and certification in the fields of Operations Management for the optimization of production processes applying LEAN principles. Developed by SYMIX the LEAN Production Optimization workshop provides sophisticated definitions and concepts for planning, controlling, and monitoring the flow of materials/information into, through, and out of a production organization. It explains fundamental interrelations among the activities that occur in the shop floor from inbound to outbound. In addition, the interactive instructor-led workshop covers types of manufacturing systems, production activity control, agility in the production environment, concepts for Theory of Constraints, recommendations for Low Cost Intelligent Automation, practical team experience by walking through a multi-step learning curve, product design propositions for optimized assembly and manufacturing processes. .

Topics include:

  • Introduction to LEAN Production Optimization
  • Agile and non-agile companies
  • Theory of Constraints
  • Drum-buffer-rope system
  • Plant Optimizations Software package
  • Low Cost Intelligent Automation
  • Practical assembly example drills
  • Design for Assembly (DfA)
  • Design for Manufacturing (DfM)s.

Who should attend:

  • Professionals in supply chain, logistics, production, planning, ERP consultants;
  • Companies seeking to improve their knowledge in operations management;
  • Organizations that have implemented or plan to implement programs for production optimization;
  • Individuals or organizations who plan to install responsibilities for CIP, LEAN, and Kaizen systems .


Benefits for your organization attending this class:

  • Better Execution: LEAN Production Optimization links strategic initiatives to operational improvements to create
    efficiencies for your business;
  • Build Customer loyalty: LEAN Production Optimization helps to target your customer needs so you can improve the
    things that matter most to your customers;
  • Create Greater Returns: LEAN Production Optimization helps to lower the operational costs and reduce the
    turnaround time in delivery of products and services to bring about higher customer satisfaction;
  • Certifies your Talent: LEAN Production Optimization credential is proof that you have the experience and skills to
    deliver quality service that matches customer expectations;
  • Improves your work performance: Professionals with LEAN Production Optimization credentials usually see better
    salary hikes than their non-certified counterparts;
  • Opens Doors: A LEAN Production Optimization credential can get you access to globally renowned companies of
    your choice;
  • Applies Everywhere: LEAN Production Optimization credential is based on achieving excellence while providing
    quality services. The concepts and techniques can be adapted to any real-world challenge across industries, market
    segments and geographies.

Detail Course Outline:

Session 1 – Introduction to LEAN Production Optimization

• Background and ramifications of LEAN
• LEAN in the context of production optimization
• Situational awareness across the value chain to manage dynamic production
• 21st Century LEAN Manufacturing

Session 2 – Agile and non-agile companies

• Characteristics of agile companies
• Characteristics of non-agile companies
• Attributes of smarter manufacturing
• The Smart Manufacturing Platform

Session 3 – Theory of Constraints

• The GOAL
• VATI analyzes
• Types of constraints
• Active bottleneck vs. capacity-constrained resource
• The market is the constraint

Session 4 – Drum-buffer-rope system

• Protect the bottleneck!
• Buffer management
• The five focusing steps
• Simplified drum-buffer-rope

Session 5 – Plant Optimizations Software package

• Modeling
• Simulation
• Analyses
• Visualization
• Optimization

Session 6 – Low Cost Intelligent Automation

• Hollistic vs specialized systems
• 10 principles of LCIA
• Make common tools to special tools
• Work with the hands of a surgeon

Session 7 – Practical assembly example drills

• Forming – Storming – Norming
• 1st assembly run “jump into the cold water“
• 2nd assembly run “application of the first five principles of LCIA”
• 3rd assembly run “application of the second five principles of LCIA”
• 4th assembly run “lessons from Formula One pit-stop”
• 5th assembly run (if times allows) “bring all together on ONE table”

Session 8 – Design for Assembly (DfA)

• Background & theoretical framework
• Knowledge and learning
• The DfA principles
• The DfA process
• The DfA complexity factor

Session 9 – Design for Manufacturing (DfM)

• Background & theoretical framework
• Knowledge and learning
• Design principles
• The DfM principles
• The DfM process

All participants will get:

  • Internationally recognized SYMIX certificate for completion of the workshop LEAN Production Optimization;
  • Original SYMIX Training Material – This comprises hand-outs, links of resources for further reading, and the summary of the practical assembly example;
  • Two coffee breaks and lunch per day.