Web application security in Java and C#

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The curriculum goes through the common Web application security issues following the OWASP Top Ten but goes far beyond it both in coverage and the details. All this is put […]

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Secure coding in C and C++ for automotive

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To date vehicles become highly connected – not only between the internal components, but also to the outside worlds. Todays cars are already running millions of lines of source code, […]

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Web application security for PCI DSS

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PCI DSS is a mandatory security standard for all companies developing or working with systems that handle credit cards. It does not only require following the secure coding guidelines out […]

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Technical training: Getting started with MIMIK

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Getting Started with mimik will provide students with the fundamentals required of Hybrid edgeCloud technology, the backbone of mimik Technology. The course features best-in-class instruction from pioneers of this transformative […]