Обучение Kubernetes Workshop, лектор Bogdan Solga

545.00  excl. VAT

Instructor: Bogdan Solga

Delivery Dates: TBA

Duration: 3 days;

Standard Price: EUR 545 w/o VAT. EU registered businesses in EU countries other than Bulgaria will not be charged VAT.;

Location: TBA;

Minimum number of participants: 6

Maximum number of participants: 10



3 days

Training objectives:

  • Learn an overview of the virtualization concepts (virtual machines and containers);
  • Learn the usage of Kubernetes to orchestrate and scale a containerized application;
  • Learn the advanced topics of creating and managing Kubernetes clusters.

Structure and presentations:

The training length is 3 days, 6 hours / day. In the first two days we learn the introductory and medium topics, in the 3rd day we learn the advanced topics.  Note: the specified duration is our minimum recommended duration, which allows us to work on a few examples together with the participants. For more thorough practice, greater hands-on experience and added use-case analyses, we recommend to allocate at least 25-30% more time for the training.

Each session will consist in a theoretical and practical (hands-on) part. Depending on the presented topic, the ratio between the theoretical and the practical parts are varying from ~70 / 30% to ~50 / 50%. We will have a break at each ~50 minutes. Depending on their complexity and on the questions and discussions, some sessions may take more or less than 50 minutes.

Course outline:

An overview of the training sessions, organized in 6 hours/day:

Day 1: Introduction and Medium Level Topics

○ Training overview
○ Docker orchestration overview – Docker Swarm and Kubernetes high-level overview
○ Kubernetes introduction and overview
○ Kubernetes architecture
○ Installing Kubernetes, on Linux, Windows and MacOS
○ Kubernetes entities and concepts:
■ Services
■ Deployments
■ PODs
■ Replica Sets
○ Building a simple cluster
○ Building a more complex cluster
○ Using stateless and stateful applications on Kubernetes

Day 2: Introduction and Medium Level Topics (Contd.)

○ Networking in Kubernetes
○ Using secrets
○ Security and access control
○ Service discovery
○ Monitoring and health checks
○ Scaling Kubernetes clusters:
■ Using the Replication Controller

■ Autoscaling
○ Kubernetes administration:
■ Resource and namespace quotas
■ User management
■ Node maintenance
■ High availability

Day 3: Advanced Topics

○ Authentication and authorization
○ Centralized logging
○ Job resource
○ Scheduling
○ Federation
○ Packaging
○ Microservices on Kubernetes
○ Deploying on Kubernetes
○ Monitoring
○ Training wrap-up & retrospective


If the discussions and the hands-on sessions will prolong more than anticipated, some sessions will be postponed on the following day. Our intent is to cover the sessions thoroughly , not in a rushed mode.

About the Instructor:

Bogdan has 10 years of software development and leadership experience and 2 years of experience in the delivery of technical training, mentoring and coaching sessions on enterprise Java and microservices ecosystems. Bogdan’s current skill set comprises mentoring and training Agile teams on software architecture, development and testing, as well as improving projects based on Spring, Spring Boot and Spring Cloud / Microservices. When he is not lobbying for clean coding and software design patterns, Bogdan is either running marathons, reading behavioral economics books or traveling around the world.
Bogdan’s GitHub profile: https://github.com/bogdansolga
Bogdan’s LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bogdansolga/