Introduction to Technical Writing

295.00  excl. VAT

Duration: 1 day;

Prerequisites: Good command of oral and written English (Level B1/B2);

Instructor: TBA.

Location: TBA.


Introduction to Technical Writing


1 day

You Will Learn How To:

  • Write effective technical documents, manuals, and white papers;
  • Assess your audience and develop documents to meet their needs;
  • Build effective sentences and sections that explain information clearly;
  • Employ diagrams, tables, charts, and other graphical tools effectively;
  • Create informative content that your readers will understand and use.

Course Content:

Section 1: Understanding Technical Writing

1.0: Understanding Technical Writing

1.1: Surveying Your Attitudes Toward Writing

1.2: Knowing Your Audience

Case Study 1: Analyzing an Audience

Exercise: Evaluating Effective Technical Writing

1.3: Understanding the Writing Process

Exercise: Thinking About Your Writing Process

1.4: The Five C’s of Report Writing

Section 2: Developing the Technical Document

2.0: Developing the Technical Document

Case Study 2: Thinking Argumentatively

2.4: Procedures

2.5: Long Documents

Exercise: Collecting Model Technical Documents

Section 3: Editing the Technical Document

3.0: Editing the Technical Document

3.1: Organization

3.2: Style

3.3: Correctness

Exercise: Identifying the Seven Deadly Errors of Technical Writing

3.3.1: Pronoun-Reference Agreement Problems

3.3.2: Subject-Verb Agreement Problems

3.3.3: Vague Pronoun Reference

3.3.4: Dangling Modifiers

3.3.5: Overuse of Passive Voice

3.3.6: Inappropriate Comma Use

3.3.7: Inappropriate Semicolon Use

3.4: A Note on Editing

Section 4: Conclusion: The Importance of Technical Writing


Appendix A: Building a Community of Technical Editors

Appendix B: Word Processing for the Technical Writer

Appendix C: Technical Writing and English as a Second Language

Appendix D: For Further Reading