LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®: Real Time Strategy For the Team Workshop

1,850.00  excl. VAT

Price is for 12 participants.

Duration: 12 training hours (1.5 days);

Regular Price: 1,850 EUR excl. VAT . EU registered businesses in EU countries other than Bulgaria will not be charged VAT. 

Instructor: Certified Facilitator, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® ;

Format: Intensive, hands-on, in business hours, 8 training hours per day. Participants will play with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Identity and Landscape Kit and  LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Connections Kit.

Delivery dates:  As per schedule;

Registration deadline: N/A;

Maximum participants: 12;

Classroom location: TBA;

Discount for early payment: YES.


What can participants expect from the Real Time Strategy for the Team Workshop?

The Real Time Strategy for the Team workshop is designed to unlock the full potential of any team quickly, effectively and deeply. It is a process that will move a collection of individuals towards what we call a real team: one that will exhibit characteristics such as nurturing ideas, being alert and flexible, sharing ideas transparently, being self-motivated and comprised of individuals who mesh together. We believe that, no matter what type of organization, true competitive advantage can only come from the people in the organization by unlocking their potential.

People are not only the most important asset in an organization, they are the only real assets. This workshop provides the opportunity for participants to gain more clarity in terms of knowing more about themselves and why they are engaged in doing what they do every day on the job. They will learn more about each other and how the group behaves as a team. Team members will have the opportunity to decide which parts are less productive, All this knowledge and insight and the social bonding that occurs as a natural outcome of the process (and of play), align and crystallizes the potential of the team.

Why do we need Real Time Strategy for the Team?

  • Group of individuals not behaving like a team;
  • The group has reached the limit of current group dynamics. Next step will not come from adding more competencies and resources, it will come from realizing synergy;
  • There is a desire to create the best possible leadership/development/project management team;
  • There is a belief that teams are where the real value is created. It is, therefore crucial that they act intentionally, in a coordinated manner and that the team members recognize/acknowledge their collective potential.

This workshop will help teams to work on:

  • From being a collection of jobs – to being effectively integrated;
  • From having to live with frustrations – to making things better;
  • From focusing on individual capabilities – to harnessing collective potential;
  • From acting randomly to acting intentionally.

Workshop Content:

  • Skills Building;
  • Building Personal Identity;
  • Building External Identity;
  • Building Team Life;
  • Building Team Connections;
  • Playing the Past;
  • Playing Emergence;
  • Extracting Simple Guiding Principles.