Functional Safety with ISO 26262

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Duration: 3 days;

Instructor: Mr. Andreas Horn, Senior Consultant Vector Consulting Services GmbH, Certified Automotive Functional Safety Professional (SGS-TÜV Saar, ISO 26262)

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Due to product liability and increasingly critical functions, Functional Safety is today mandatory for many engineers. The training introduces Functional Safety based on ISO 26262. On the basis of our worldwide projects, we show how Functional Safety is achieved in specification, analysis, testing and proof of the safety of systems. We particularly focus on the efficient and sustainable implementation of the standard.

Functional Safety has gained momentum across all industries. Especially the ISO 26262 has in short time gained a strong reputation for professional functional safety engineering, not only in automotive industries. Product liability mandates a thorough proficiency, management and governance of specifications, analyses and implementations of Functional Safety. ISO 26262 ed.2 further strengthens the technology and underlying development processes covering topics, such as thorough modeling, security and semiconductor usage for bottom up reliability and safety.

This training on ISO 26262 ed. 2 with Vector’s internationally renowned experts on Functional Safety introduces the basic techniques for specification, analysis, testing and proving the safety of systems. We show how to apply these techniques in the context of a specific system development. We’ll introduce you to the relevant policies and standards. You see how such methodologies are selected and practically applied according to specific constraints and environments. Based on real examples, we show how safety concepts are implemented, so you can quickly transfer what you have learned to your own environment. The training has been extended to 3 days to allow for more practice training and questions from the audience. A full case study on automotive E/E development will be presented.

Target audience

This training targets professionals and executives in engineering and IT, project managers, system and software engineers, analysts, consultants, and developers and quality managers from companies of all industries and sizes that want to get more proficient in functional safety.

Content and Agenda

  • Foundations of Functional Safety
  • Governance: Norms, standards, processes
  • Safety Management: Role of the Safety Manager, Safety Plan, Safety Case, DIA, Confirmation Review
  • Hazard analysis and risk assessment
  • Functional and technical safety concept
  • ASIL decomposition
  • Safety in the product life-cycle
  • Practical application: Hardware, software, system integration, validation
  • Efficient and effective implementation of ISO 26262
  • Discussion with projects and practical guidance

This course is delivered in partnership with Vector Consulting Services GmbH. Vector Consulting Services is the preferred supplier on functional safety for many companies:

  • Introducing methods and processes for functional safety based on standards such as IEC 61508 (all domains), ISO 26262 (Automotive), DO-178B (Aerospace), EN 501xx (Railways), ISO 25119 (Agriculture), IEC 60601 (Medical) and ISO 13849 (Machinery), EN 62061 (Automation).
  • Implementation of focused and cost-effective safety processes
  • Interim safety manager for your company
  • Review of safety concepts and evaluation of safety-critical systems and components
  • Conducting supplier safety assessments
  • Development, specification and verification of safety requirements
  • Safety analysis with techniques such as FMEA, FTA, FMEDA, etc.
  • Introduction of strategies and methods to ensure information security in technical systems, because functional safety requires information security
  • Training and coaching of safety managers and engineers

About the Instructor:

Andreas Horn, Certified Automotive Functional Safety Professional (SGS-TÜV Saar, ISO 26262)

Andreas Horn is a senior consultant at Vector Consulting Services. Before he worked on multiple development projects as well as a safety architect. He supports companies worldwide to improve their safety and security, technology and development processes. Mr. Horn a Diploma (Master Degree) in Computer Science from the University of Karlsruhe. He is

Admission price includes full documentation on paper and as PDF and also the Vector book on “Automotive Embedded Engineering” with lots of best practices, project experiences and state of the art technology. Each participant will receive a qualifying certificate for this intensive training.